Flint Ridge Flint

Knapping Flint


Material Normally Available 

Colors vary but frequently it is mottled (splotchy colors sometimes with "lightning bolts" and some have yellow or red mixed in), "Banded" (alternating stripes) usually in lavender, gray, dark with some combination of red or a combination, bright colors like red, yellow, sometimes a bluish tint. Again, it is simply not practical to look for certain colors or patterns. 


    *Flint Ridge  "prime plates" : these are the largest, highest quality flint we find.      

    *$3.00 per pound    ( raw )


       *Flint Ridge Plates : Pieces over 4" will make 3"or better points.

     *$2.50 per pound heat treated

     *$2.00 per pound raw


     *Flint Ridge "Blanks" : pieces are blanked down to the point you can be more certain of the color and workability. 

     *Priced per piece $1.00 and up

     *Sold in lots, pics available


       *Flint Ridge arrowhead rock : Pieces are 3" to 4" and will make hunting heads and dart points. 

     *$1.50 per pound

     *$50.00 per 50 pounds raw


       *Flint Ridge Flakes : Heat treated and ready to pressure flake into hunting points.

     *$4.00 per pound


     *Flint ridge Chalcedony : quantity very limited

     *$2.00 to $4.00 per pound depending on quality and size.


     *Heat Treated Novaculite ( Best Stuff To Learn To Percussion Flake)

     * $3.00 per pound